Shakira lives in astral hell with her ex-in-laws

In addition to the betrayal, the player left, but left his parents as the singer's neighbors

Shakira has to deal with her in-laws like neighbors. (Photo: Instagram)

After Piqué’s countless betrayals, the total exposure of their personal life, the intimacy exposed by the tabloids and the response to all of this in a musical success, it was the best that the singer Shakira could do to get revenge.

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Shakira has to deal with her in-laws like neighbors. Piqué left, but left his parents as the singer’s neighbors. The houses are interconnected and the singer even thought of building a wall between the houses. On the 2nd of February it was the superstar’s birthday and she had a party at her house, which ended quite late and the guests had a lot of fun. The problem is that Shakira did not respect the quiet time, between 10 pm and 8 am.

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The party only ended when the police were called by neighbors, including Piqué’s parents, who were disturbed by the noise. The fine that Shakira received was 300 euros. The situation really seems to be unsustainable. The singer’s ex-in-laws have already thought about moving house, due to the constant parties, loud music, drink and fireworks. 

This just hasn’t happened yet, because they hope she’ll return to her residence in Miami.  What prevents Shakira from Spain to the US is her father’s health, as doctors do not recommend the trip.

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