Miami model Victoria Triay declares her love for Ninoska Vásquez despite fights with Javier Borgio

Ninoska was criminal implicated by former boyfriend Javier Borgio which now dates Victoria

Women are typically criticized for fighting each other over any desired guy. And you can rarely see a real friendship between to models that have dated the same men. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with models Victoria Triay (37) and Ninoska Vásquez (30).

The two beauties have declared support to one another over several Instagram posts this Saturday (7) despite being on opposite sides when considering businessman Javier Borgio. That’s because Ninoska Vásquez have dated Mexican millionaire Javier Borgio for five years but the relationship ended up in a sour way with Javier accusing Ninoska of human trafficking, theft and prostitution.

The story gets more complicated because Javier is now dating Victoria Triay, which is a long term girlfriend of Ninoska. But despite the odds of the relationships, the trio seems to be posting civilized comments on social media to one another.

Victoria who was recently accused herself by another former boyfriend, boxer Joe Fournier, of prostitution, have posted several messages in support of Ninoska Vásquez friendship. The 2 models seems to be keeping their friendship strong despite the comments of each other former boyfriends.

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