Bikes Special Edition on Burning Man 2022

Here Are the Key Things to Remember If you Want To Ride

Bikes Special Edition » BRC 2022 (Photo: Release)

That means the Special Preparation Editions of this trusty newsletter are starting up, a harbinger that the best things in life are right around the corner. We’ll cover everything you need to know as you begin your final playa preparations — from transportation to and from Black Rock City, encounters with law enforcement, health and safety, kids and families, greening your Burn, art, and more. This is required reading for anyone making the journey to our ephemeral desert city this year. Today’s topic is… BIKES! 

First-time Burners may wonder why we dedicate an entire JRS to bikes, but veterans know how absolutely critical a trusty bike is on the playa. Black Rock City is a vast open space. You’re really going to want a bike to get around and explore, cuz like we said: vast. Burning Man is a bike-oriented culture — in fact, Black Rock City has more bikes per capita than any other city in the world. Cool, huh?

I want to ride my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle! 

  1. Light your bike. There are gonna be 80,000 people out there. If you can’t be seen in the dark, people are going to run into you. Or you’re going to run into things. And that’s a great way to ruin your Burn. Plus, creative lighting makes it easier for you to find your bike amid the hordes of parked bikes.
  2. Lock your bike. Whether it happens by accident or intention, walking out of a theme camp to find your bike missing sucks, especially when your friends still have theirs, and you’re stuck walking.
  3. Label your bike. Mark your bike with some identifying information, for example your camp name and address, so if it does go missing, a thoughtful participant can reunite you with your beloved wheels.
  4. Limit your bike’s speed. (NO speeding!) The speed limit for vehicles on the playa is 5 mph. That goes for electric bikes, too.
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