Boxer Joe Fournier slams former girlfriend Victoria Triay as gold digger for hooking up with Javier Borgio

Model Victoria Triay (37) and business man Javier Borgio (63) are formally dating since December 2022

Boxer Joe Fournier shared on his social media account a number of posts calling out his ex-girlfriend, Victoria Triay “an escort” after learning she decide to hook up with Mexican millionaire Javier Borgio.

The 29 years age difference was the main reason for the social shaming posts but the model seems to be having new and more serious accusations. It should be noted that this is not the first accusation for Victoria Triay Klein, since four of her ex-partners have accused her of being a fraudster and thief.

Victoria Triay Klein (37), girlfriend of Mexican businessman Javier Borgio (63), was arrested in 2011 in the city of Miami after being accused of robbing a Target store.

According to reliable sources, Victoria was stopped as she left the store for stealing various items valued at $100 and $300.

Meanwhile, the boxer Joe Fournier is set to fight KSI and Logan Paul on January 14h of 2023 in Miami, FL. “I’m smashing through Tony Christodoulou and onto KSI in my next fight if he doesn’t get scared like the rest of them! Or if Dillon Danis, doesn’t show up Tony gets a life line and I SMASH KSI sooner.”

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