Close sources claim that Tom Brady is the ideal partner of Irina Shayk

The athlete and the model may be moving towards a serious relationship

Last Wednesday (23), according to the “People” website, sources close to the newest couple formed by Tom Brady and Irina Shayk affirm that the player is the ideal partner for the model and that every day, she is more delighted with the maturity and choices of her recent affair.

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“He is the dream guy. They work around their schedules and meet whenever they can. Irina doesn’t mind traveling to see him. She is very excited about their relationship,” said the source close to the model’s latest relationship with the player.

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Lately the couple was spotted by photographers again spending two days together at the Twenty Two Hotel in Mayfair – London. However, always keeping the description, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk left the place separately to disperse the paparazzi that were in the environment.

Previously, there were speculations that Irina Shayk was moving away and breaking up with some friendships to preserve her relationship with the player. The information, released by the website “Page Six”, reports that the model is afraid that rumors could drive the athlete away and, consequently, lead to the end of the relationship.

“She is afraid that strange rumors might scare them away. She really wants this to work, he’s a nice American guy.” The insider reported that the distancing would be from people who could leak alleged information and therefore decided to shorten the circle of friendships.

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk’s relationship began to emerge when the two were spotted interacting during art collector Joe Nahmad and model Madison Headrick’s wedding in Italy. After the occasion, the athlete and model have been constantly seeing each other in Los Angeles.

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