Gisele Bundchen attends her daughter Vivian’s horse riding class in Miami

The supermodel is joyful about her daughter's love for the nature

The top model bought a mansion valued at $11.5 million in Miami. (Photo: Instagram)

This Wednesday (8) Gisele Bundchen was caught accompanying her daughter, Vivian, 10 years old, in the riding class. Smiling, the 42-year-old model was seen in photos where she appears leaning on the fence with a cell phone in her hand, to film and take pictures of her daughter. For the model, who is vegan, the interaction with animals and love for nature is extremely important in their children’s lives.

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Gisele was married to Tom Brady, with whom she also had Benjamin, her eldest son aged 13. The couple split in October last year and have two children together. The top model bought a mansion valued at $11.5 million in Miami. In addition to all the luxury gadgets, the house is eco-friendly and is located next to her ex-husband Tom Brady’s new home, so the children have full support from their parents.

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The model seemed happy to see her daughter apparently well and enjoying the class with the horse. Gisele is proud of her daughter for having passed on to Vivian her passion for nature. The model shared on her Instagram a click of a horseback ride she took with the little one, when she was just 5 years old, and published: “These little special moments create memories that accompany us a lifetime. Having a great day with my little one who loves horses,” she said.

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