Rony Seikaly & Martha Graeff ‘almost’ got divorce amid couple’s crisis

The former NBA player and the fashion model took on Instagram together after months of split

Rony Seikaly, a former NBA player turning into DJ has briefly split from his wife, model Martha Graeff during a couples crisis in 2022.

Martha, who shares many fashion tips on her social media opened up about the crisis that almost took over her marriage in a emotional post where she also shares the importance of being realistic with each other limits and self respect.

As she confirmed the split, she wrote “The last 6 months of my life were challenging….
I separated from the love of my life, went trough some real rough days; I felt sad and lost.
I had so much anxiety that I just couldn’t cope.
So I started taking antidepressants, reached out for the help of my friends and family, found an amazing therapist and started working really hard on myself.
Today, reunited with my husband and the ones I cherish the most, I can finally take a deep breath that doesn’t carry fear.
The reason why I share this with you is because I know that the “perfection” shown in this platform isn’t real and I’m happy to be imperfect like everyone else in this world.
Let’s be imperfect together, with love and compassion to each other ❤️”

Since July 2015, Seikaly has been married to Brazilian fashion blogger and model Martha Graeff, to whom he became engaged on the Greek island of Mykonos.

Rony and Martha are one of the most prominent couples from Miami  elite scene and are often seen together on clubs and lavish parties where Rony DJ for a select audience.

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