KSI vs Joe Fournier: Fight was canceled due to the illegal strike

The organization officially considered a "No Contest"

KSI x Joe Fournier face to face before the fight. (Photo:Instagram)

Previously, rumors surfaced that KSI’s fight against Joe Fournier, which took place on Saturday (13), in London, could be canceled due to the use of a controversial strike that used the elbow. And last Friday (19), through social networks, the Professional Boxing Association issued an official statement claiming a change in the result of the fight.

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For the news to be released, the organization checked all the blows and moves developed throughout the fight and announced that because KSI had used the illegal blow as an accident, the fight was canceled and turned into a “no contest”, that is, without result. 

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“Even though KSI was winning the fight, the forearm/elbow strike was identified as accidental and all consequences that followed. It has been decided that the fight will be declared a no-result according to the rules”, officially the statement from the Association responsible for supervising the fight.

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