Tom Brady denies returning to replace Aaron Rodgers

Last Tuesday (19), during one of the episodes of the podcast “Let’s Go!”, presented by Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Tom Brady denied the possibility of his return to American football to replace Aaron Rodgers, from the New York Jets, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury.

“No, no, no, next question! You already know, I love being with you on Mondays and I love what we are doing”, said the former player. Tom Brady denied the rumors and did not want to pursue the matter further and preferred to change the subject in the middle of the podcast.

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Recently, in an exclusive interview with the Brazilian program “Mais Você”, when he went to the country to be a speaker for a financial market investment company in São Paulo, the athlete had asked the production team to ask about his ex-wife Gisele Bündchen. However, when talking about typical foods, Tom Brady shared that while he was married, the model made brigadeiros on special occasions.

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“On all my birthdays at home there was a brigadeiro, Gisele always made it for the children. I have a lot of these at home. My children grew up eating this in the morning!”, shared the athlete in the chat about typical Brazilian foods. In a quiz, Tom Brady also recognized several players from the country.

 Previously, in a promotional video for the Manning Cast program, Tom Brady joked about the possibility of returning to training camp after being rejected in a casting call for the show’s auditions. The relaxation was praised by the athlete’s followers and fans.

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