Lewis Hamilton supports Andretti’s entry into Formula 1

This Thursday (5), Lewis Hamilton defended Andretti’s entry into Formula 1, saying he was enthusiastic about the arrival of a new team. 

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At the Qatar pre-GP press conference, Lewis said “I think it’s great, I’ve always felt there weren’t enough cars on the grid”. But he also said that there would be people not happy with his vision. “While there’s definitely people that won’t be happy for me to be supportive of it, I think it’s great”.

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Hamilton explained that the entry of a new team would be good for opportunities. “It’s an opportunity for more jobs, it’s another two seats available for a female driver to come through. It opens up more possibilities and I think it would be more exciting for the race.”

This week the FIA formally approved Andretti’s bid to join the F1 grid in future, but the team still needs approval from F1’s commercial rights holder Liberty Media to secure the spot. The team would include a partnership with Cadillac and General Motors, and is led by former driver Michael Andretti, who raced in Formula 1 in 1993. 

Fernando Alonso was also asked about the subject, but just said that whatever decision F1 took would be the correct one. “For me, I don’t know exactly what to say, whatever the final decision is going to be OK. I like Michael, I like the organization, but I also understand other things and I will support whatever Aston Martin’s position is and I will be OK with anything.”

Max Verstappen said he would like to see a new team on the grid. “It would be I think nice, because I think it gives more opportunities for the drivers’ side… And at the end of the day, the FIA and the teams, and FOM, they have more information about how serious everything is and how well everything is prepared. That’s why it’s not going to be a very easy decision to make.”

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