Travis Kelce buys million-dollar mansion in Kansas City

Last Wednesday (18), according to the website “Page Six”, Travis Kelce signed a contract and purchased a new mansion valued at around US$6 million in Kansas City, to have more privacy in his home. personal life and especially, while dating Taylor Swift.

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According to information, the player decided to opt for a new home after speculation about the relationship began to surface and with the frequent presence of photographers who were at his old home. Now, being in a private condominium, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be able to have a distance from the paparazzi.

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In addition to being in a closed environment, the house has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, with waterfalls, swimming pools and a mini golf and tennis court. In his old property, located in the Briarcliff West neighborhood, also in Kansas City, the player did not have as much privacy, being a more open home than his new acquisition.

Previously, on the “New Heights” podcast, the player was asked by his brother about his first appearances with his new girlfriend Taylor Swift, in New York, last Saturday and Sunday (14 and 15) and this time, the athlete didn’t run away of the subject stating that it was a different moment and that he had a lot of fun.

The player also commented on the repercussions of the images taken by paparazzo while the couple got out of the car: “I feel like whenever I’m on a date, I always have the feeling that I’m a man in the situation, I’m protective, yes, for sure. Self-awareness, I guess.” Speculation claims that the new couple has been seeing each other since July.

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