Alleged lover claims to have witnessed Beckham with a model in bed

A former personal assistant to former football player David Beckham has claimed to have witnessed her former boss in bed with a Spanish model at the home of the famous Brazilian player, Ronaldo. The incident would have occurred in September 2003, when both former athletes played together at Real Madrid.

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Rebecca Loos, a former employee of Beckham, revealed this allegation in an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail. She also claims to have maintained a relationship with the English player during the period he played for the Spanish team. According to Loos, his actions at the time were allegedly under the orders of Victoria Beckham, the English player’s wife, who at that time was residing in England. Loos described the experience of visiting Ronaldo’s mansion in the Spanish capital, where he described the delicious food, the presence of a Brazilian samba group and champagne for everyone present.

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According to Loos’ account, she initially saw Beckham talking to a Spanish model in a garden area on the property and retreated after making the discovery. She later received a call from Victoria Beckham, who was worried because she couldn’t reach David. Loos said: “She was upset about not being able to talk to David, and I said I didn’t know where he was… So she said to me, ‘Don’t hang up, go there and find him.’ And I said, ‘Okay. ‘. It was an uncomfortable situation. I entered the house, went up the stairs and saw two of David’s security guards outside a room. I spoke to one of them whispering, ‘it’s Victoria!’.” “One of the security guards disappeared and when he came back, he brought David with him. I saw the model inside the room, lying on the bed. It was obvious that it was a bed. I got angry and handed the phone to David and said, ‘your wife.’ I was very hurt. It was a horrible feeling, and all I could think was, ‘You are a stupid fool’. Yet he had captivated me, his claws were in me, and I was at his disposal.”

Beckham’s involvement with a mistress during his time at Real Madrid was revealed in a documentary series titled ‘Beckham’. However, the lover’s identity was not revealed in production, and Rebecca Loos was only identified later through investigations conducted by the British press. To date, neither the former player nor his wife have made public statements on the matter.

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