How to End A Relationship With Each Zodiac Sign

According to Astrologers, each Zodiac Sign Reacts Different To a Break Up

Learn how to break up with each zodiac sign (Photo: Unsplash)

Everyone handles breakups differently. But there might be a pattern among the Zodac Signs, acording to some Astrologers. Whether you’re the type to do it in a crowded restaurant (to avoid a scene, of course), or you prefer to go the ghosting route (harsh), there are plenty of ways to end things with your significant other.

But if you’re looking for the best way to let them down easily, you could always turn to the stars for guidance. According to celebrity astrologer and host of the Allegedly Astrology Podcast, Dana DeFranco, and professional astrologer and host of the Love & Stardust Podcast, KJ Atlas, the way people react to getting the bad news could be influenced by their horoscope. Keep reading for expert advice on how to break up with your partner, based on their zodiac sign. No ghosting allowed!


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