Michael Bidwill is accused of harassment, discrimination and cheating

Ex-colleague claims businessman headed fraud scheme

The former vice president also claims that Bidwill created an “atmosphere of fear about minority employees”. (Photo: Pixabay)

Last week, former Arizona Cardinals vice president Terry McDonough filed an appeal accusing Michael Bidwill of harassment, discrimination and cheating over the years they played together, claiming his NFL career was harmed. for not accepting the bribes committed by the businessman.

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According to the report obtained by ESPN journalist Adam Schefter, Terry McDonough reports that the businessman’s management is “significantly worse than the bad behavior of former Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver”, accusing him of running a grand scheme. phone number, used to cheat throughout his career in the NFL.

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The former vice president also claims that Bidwill created an “atmosphere of fear about minority employees”, with the use of humiliating situations with black people and pregnant women and that his demonstration could serve as a way for workers who went through similar events, came to light and denounced the businessman.

Michael Bidwill’s defense stated that: “Our position was consistent with the many efforts we made to accommodate Terry during his time with the team, despite difficulties in his personal life and his often volatile behavior with colleagues. That’s why we are saddened to see that Terry is now attacking our organization with slurs and threats that are wildly at odds with the facts”.

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