Longuinho Amaral “JUNIOR” hit and run case updates

Police reports and fines are up to U$250.000,00 Bail and 15 years of jailtime.

Samuel Carvalho Vasconcellos had previous charges. (Photo: Police Department)

On March 29th, a 46 year old cyclist Longuinho Amaral “Junior” was run over at around 5:30am while riding his bike on SW 18th in Palm Beach Count.

The Brazilian cyclist could not resist to multiples injuries passing away on the morning of April 1st at the Delray Medical Center, in Delray Beach.

According to police reports, Samuel Carvalho Vasconcellos was born in the United States, having a brazilian mother and a portuguese father.

++Brazilian cyclist dies victim of another “Hit and Run” case in Florida

On the hearing date May 10th, the bond was set for a Hit and Run – Fail to stop remain at crash involve Death – at U$250.00,00, along with an inhouse arrest with PBSO, contact with the victims family was prohibited, surrender all travel documents/passport to the clerks office prior to release and probably getting an ankle monitor.
The next hearings is June 8th and June 29th.

HIT-AND-RUN Penalties
Leaving the scene of the crash with:

PROPERTY DAMAGE – Second-degree misdemeanour
                                           – Up to 60 days in prison and U$500.00 fine.

INJURIES – Second / Third degree Felony
                     – Revoked driver’s license for at least 3 years.
                     – Up to 5 years in prison and U$5.000 fine.


FATALITIES – First degree Felony.
                        – Revoked driver’s license for at last 3 years.
                      Mandatory minimum of 4 years in prison, up to 30 years in prison and a U$10.000 fine.


For more information, see Florida Statutes 316.061, 316.027.


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