Tom Pidcock accused of causing crash during competition

German athlete claims movement has harmed him

Last Thursday (10), through social and official networks, Tom Pidcock was accused by Luca Schwarzbauer of having caused an accident against the athlete during the UCI Mountain Bike World Championship 2023, and due to the event, the cyclist who could having established itself in third place, it fell completely out of position.

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The German revealed that while the competitors were going through a sharp curve, Tom Pidcock accelerated and bumped into Luca Schwarzbauer, which caused the cyclist to lose his balance and fall. The event left the athlete furious, in which he criticized the Englishman’s posture.

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“Tom took me down, he completely hit me in that corner… I’m super disappointed for sure because a bronze medal would have been pretty safe. I don’t think any mountain bike would do that, as a pure mountain bike, the community of us. I know he’s Tom Pidcock and he’s a superstar, but that still doesn’t entitle him to do that,” said Luca Schwarzbauer.

Upon learning that the German was perplexed by his attitude, Tom Pidcock defended himself by claiming that it was a competition and that he had not done anything on purpose: “If you don’t go into the gap, then you are no longer a racing driver. Of course, I didn’t mean to cause his downfall, and I’m sorry for that.”

At the start of the competition which started this week in Gleentress Forest, Scotland, during the first round, Tom Pidcock and Luca Schwarzbauer had their first disagreement. Questioned about the events, the German said he expected an apology from the cyclist and that he expected the national federation of the sport to investigate what happened.

“For me it is important that it is visible. You can easily see that he is the more aggressive rider. Nobody else walks like that and sure you can do it, but in my eyes you’re not really a sport. I’d rather hope he doesn’t do it again. That would be more important to me than an apology”.

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