NBA Board of Governors approves measure that fines player’s rest breaks

Last Wednesday (13), through information released by journalist Adrian Wojnarowski, from ESPN, the NBA Board of Governors and Competition Committee approved the measure that determines fines for resting professional basketball stars in games broadcast by national television.

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According to reports, the action aims to prevent teams from resting players and the fine can be applied when several league stars are on the court at the same time in regular seasons. Previously, the measure would only be applied to All-Star and All-Pro matches.

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The fine amounts vary according to the violation, i.e. the first action will be equivalent to US$100,000 dollars, the second with US$250,000 dollars and for each subsequent infraction committed, it would be around US$1 million dollars. As an example, athletes LeBron James, from the Los Angeles Lakers, and Kawhi Leonard, from the Los Angeles Clippers, could be harmed by the new measure.

In 2020, the NBA Council had taken the same action against the teams with a fine equivalent to US$100,000, prohibiting the rest of healthy players in matches that are broadcast on national television. However, the teams managed to maneuver the action and continued to act in the same way, justifying the athletes’ pause due to age, injury, among others.

The subject returned to the agenda due to negotiations on the new media rights agreement being negotiated by Adam Silver, commissioner of the NBA, and with this, he intends to increase the presence and participation of players who have worldwide recognition in professional basketball. So far, no professional team has taken a stance on the action.

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