Norris criticizes and says he screamed and cursed after being stuck behind Perez in Japan

The McLaren team had a remarkable performance at the Japanese GP last weekend, achieving a double podium, with its drivers achieving positions just behind Max Verstappen.

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It appears to be an excellent achievement, but there were some setbacks. Lando Norris, second in the race, was considerably frustrated when he was prevented from overtaking Sergio Pérez, a late driver, during a virtual safety car intervention.

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Shortly after the race at Suzuka, Norris shared his frustration, revealing that he expressed his dissatisfaction whilst in the helmet, not knowing exactly how to proceed.

At that moment, he lost second position to his teammate Oscar Piastri, who chose to make his pit stop during the yellow flag. Furthermore, Ferrari has come considerably closer. The situation occurred because, during the incident, Norris was behind Pérez, who had already made two pit stops for adjustments to the front wing after separate collisions and clearly had his car unbalanced.

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