Lukaku compares himself to LeBron James

The persistent memory of the saga experienced by Lukaku in the last transfer window echoes incessantly in his mind. The Belgian did not remain at Inter Milan, who were runners-up in the Champions League. There was speculation about him moving to Juventus, but this was ruled out, as was the possibility of joining the Chelsea team under the leadership of coach Mauricio Pochettino. Amid this scenario, he was loaned again by the English club, this time to Roma.

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The 30-year-old player chose not to disclose details of this tumultuous period, limiting himself to stating that revealing them would leave everyone surprised. Intriguingly, he compared himself to LeBron James, a basketball star. “I will share the details at the appropriate time. But if I told you how things really unfolded last summer, everyone would be shocked. I heard a lot of absurd things about myself and I really thought I would explode,” Lukaku said.

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In July, he was about to renew his contract with Inter Milan, but the “secret” negotiation with Juventus ruined the plans. There was even an attempt to trade for Vlahovic. Furthermore, he turned down a proposal from Al-Hilal, from Saudi Arabia. Discarded at Chelsea, Lukaku began training alone until his future was defined in the final days of the transfer window. With a contract in force at the English club until 2026, he was loaned to Roma until the end of the 2023/24 season.

Under the command of José Mourinho, Lukaku secured the starting line-up and scored seven goals in eight games for Roma. He revealed that 90% of the information released by the press was false and it was challenging to maintain silence. He cited the example of LeBron James, who faces criticism every year, highlighting the basketball star’s firm stance in responding and showing his presence. During the summer, Lukaku realized the untruths spread about him and dedicated himself to training to perform on the designated day. He promised to share the truth at some point in the future, leaving a mystery hanging in the air.

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