Luka Doncic calls for expulsion of fan from NBA game

A Phoenix Suns fan was expelled from the team’s arena at the request of point guard Luka Doncic, in a game held on Wednesday night (24). According to “ESPN”, the Dallas Mavericks star was irritated by the spectator’s provocation.

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“Luka, you’re tired! Get on a treadmill,” said the fan.

With that, Doncic turned to stadium security and asked the fan to leave. After the game, the point guard discussed the incident with a reporter and explained why he requested the man’s expulsion.

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“He was swearing at me the whole first half of the game. I don’t like kicking fans out, they pay for the tickets. But I’ve had enough,” Doncic said.

Furthermore, even without further provocation, Doncic was unable to prevent the Dallas Mavericks from losing. The point guard scored 34 points, eight rebounds and nine assists, but his team lost to the Phoenix Suns 132-109.

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