Draymond Green is sent off less than four minutes into the game and Curry cries

The Golden State Warriors struggled early in their match against the Orlando Magic last Wednesday night. In less than four minutes of the match, Draymond Green had already committed two technical fouls and was sent off after shouting at the referee. 

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After his teammate’s punishment, Stephen Curry was very angry and cried on the court. Despite having played practically all four halves with one less player and still away from home, the Warriors won 101-93.

As a result, this was Draymond Green’s fourth expulsion of the season, the first since his 12-game suspension. Green even said that he considered giving up basketball after this suspension for attacking Jusuf Nurkic. 

The punishment worried Stephen Curry, who even cried on the court. After the game, Curry spoke about Green’s importance to the team and praised the teammates who contributed to the victory:

“All I’ll say is we need him. He knows that. We all know that. So whatever it takes for him to be on the court and available, that’s what has to happen. Especially at this point in the year. So, it was a tough way to start the game”. 

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“But I’m extremely proud of every single person that stepped on the court tonight and responded that way because, in a back-to-back, against a team as physical as they were, we got contributions from everyone and it was a beautiful collective effort to respond the way we did and get this victory. That’s a great sign for us. A sign of growth to be able to respond like that,” Curry said.

After the game, it seems like everything was fine between Curry and Green. Backstage, Draymond greeted his partner with the “night-night” gesture and the two hugged.

With the result, the Warriors occupy 10th place in the Western Conference, with 38 wins. The team returns to the court against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday (29).

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