NBA fines Wembanyama $25,000 for playing ball in the stands

A celebration of a great result ended up taking a toll on Victor Wembanyama’s pocket. Last Friday, the 20-year-old Frenchman scored 40 points and grabbed 20 rebounds as the San Antonio Spurs beat the New York Knicks 130-126, the best performance by a rookie in the last 31 years of the NBA. 

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However, the star threw the ball into the stands at the end of the game. For this, the American Basketball League fined him US$25,000.

As a result, in the final play of extra time, Wembanyama intercepted a pass and held the ball until the clock ran out. In celebration of the victory, the Spurs star threw the ball into the stands, which is prohibited by the NBA. Recently, Evan Fournier had already been fined for a similar act, in a moment of fury.

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“I know players have been fined for throwing the ball into the stands before, but they did it with bad intentions. I was just doing it to brighten someone’s day. It was fun,” Wembanyama said.

Despite the Spurs star’s good intentions, the NBA confirmed the fine on Sunday.

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