Blue cards will be introduced in professional football

Football may have a new method of punishment in its dispute. A blue card will be introduced in professional sport to punish unsportsmanlike moves within matches. 

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According to the English newspaper The Telegraph, the protocols for this new development will be announced this Friday by the International Football Association Board (Ifab). And, in March, the entity will approve or not this new measure at its annual congress.

As a result, a blue card will result in players being removed from the field for ten minutes if they engage in simulation, anti-game fouls or show disrespect towards a referee. 

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If the player receives two blue cards, or one yellow and one blue, he will immediately receive a red card and be expelled from the match. Also according to the Telegraph, testing should begin in the European summer.

It will be the first card to be added in professional sport since the advent of yellow and red cards at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. However, at this initial stage of implementation, high-level competitions (such as the World Cup) are excluded from testing.

Competitions such as the English Cup and the Women’s FA Cup, in England, and even the Champions League for the 2024-2025 season may now have the new punishment measure, according to the British publication.

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