Premier League rejects transfer of £900m and creates crisis in English football

A problem that involves several layers of football in England — including the British government. The Premier League, the league that organizes the elite of the English Championship, rejected transferring 900 million pounds to the English Football League, the entity responsible for 72 clubs across three divisions, over the next five years.

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As a result, at least 10 Premier League clubs refused to allocate this amount to the lower leagues. Among them would be Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham, according to the English press. 

The matter was discussed at a meeting last Monday, but was not even voted on due to strong opposition.

Furthermore, the topic gained relevance because the UK government got involved and sought to influence an agreement this week. 

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Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer has spent recent weeks, according to local press, meeting representatives from the Premier League and EFL in an attempt to avoid making government intervention necessary.

Namely, the English Football League covers the Championship (second division), League One (third) and League Two (fourth).

More than two years ago, the British government warned the Premier League that it would be necessary to transfer more money to the lower divisions of football, as a way of guaranteeing the stability of all organizations.

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