Di María’s family receives death threat in hometown in Argentina

One of the main names in the Argentine national team, striker Di María saw his family receive death threats in Rosario, his hometown. 

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According to the “Infobae” website, a car left a poster in front of the attacker’s house warning that not even provincial governor Maximiliano Pullaro could guarantee the safety of the player and his family.

“Tell your son Ángel (Di María) not to return to Rosario because otherwise we will ruin everything by killing a family member. Not even Pullaro will save you. We don’t throw away pieces of paper. We throw away lead and dead people”, was the message sent to Di María, according to police sources.

As a result, the head of security at the condominium where Di María lives stated that four explosions were heard before a car sped off at high speed after throwing a black package with the message.

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The club where Di María graduated, Rosario Central officially demonstrated to repudiate the incident and call for action from the authorities.

“Rosario Central emphatically repudiates the facts that are public knowledge, in which threats were registered against a renowned player who emerged from our base. It cannot be allowed that they want to frighten the players or attack them and their families”, says an excerpt from the communicated.

Di María, 36 years old, is currently focused on the Argentine national team and plays for Benfica, in Portugal. Revealed by Rosario Central, he has stated several times that he wants to return to the club where he graduated to consolidate his career.

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