Vini Jr cries when he reports the constant fight against racism: “I have less and less desire to play”

Whether for playing at home at the Santiago Bernabéu, or for the relevance he has in the Brazilian team, or, mainly, for his anti-racist actions, Vini jr will have the spotlight on him in the friendly between Spain x Brazil, Tuesday (26), in Madrid . Precisely for this reason, it was Vini who held a press conference this Monday, at Real’s CT.

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With this, the panel with the CBF logo in black and white and the slogan “one identity” showed that the match has demands beyond sporting ones. And Vinicius’ voice made the message clear:

“It’s increasingly sad. I have less and less desire to play”.

“I believe everything I’ve been going through with each game, each day, with each complaint is very sad. It’s very sad, not just me, but all black people who suffer on a daily basis. Verbal racism is a minority by far. of everything that black people go through in the world”.

“My father has always had difficulty because he is black. Between him and a white person, they will always choose a white person. I have struggled a lot because of everything that has happened to me. It is exhausting because I am kind of alone. I have made so many complaints and no one is punished, no club is punished”. 

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“Every day, I fight for everyone who goes through this. If it were just for me and my family, I don’t know if I would continue. But I was chosen to defend a very important cause and one that I study every day so that in the future my five-year-old brother doesn’t go through what I’m going through.”

In an interview with positions more relevant than Tuesday’s match, against Spain at the Santiago Bernabéu. Vini opened up, cried and further consolidated herself as a reference in the anti-racist cause.

“I want to thank all the players from Spain who, whenever they give an interview, are supporting me, doing everything they can to make Spain change its thinking. Not just Spain, there is a lot of racism everywhere. I hope we can do everything to reduce racism more and more”. 

“The players from Spain are helping me a lot, saying things that at first only I said. I always ask that FIFA, Conmebol, Uefa can do more things, like the CBF is doing, they help me so that we can evolve as human beings, so that everyone can study to see what black people go through and have gone through. What I go through is not even close to what all these people went through. I want to fight for those who are black.”

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