Neymar publishes text of apology after being caught cheating on fiancée

The player had published images that prove the action

” But my mistakes in my personal life are resolved at home, in my privacy with my family and friends”. (Photo: Instagram)

Last Wednesday (21), through social networks, Neymar published a text apologizing to his current fiancée and mother of his second child, Bruna Biancardi, for having committed adultery and for having caused a great deal of exposure to the model on the internet. . The disclosure of the statement divided opinions on the internet as many friends and family supported him, and followers and fans criticized him for the betrayal.

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“I was wrong. I dare say that I make mistakes every day, on and off the field. But my mistakes in my personal life are resolved at home, in my privacy with my family and friends. All this is one of the most special people in my life. The woman I dreamed of following by my side, the mother of my child. It affected her family, which today is my family. It reached its intimacy in such a special moment that is motherhood”, said Neymar.

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The player continued and reinforced how sorry he was: “Bru, I already asked you for forgiveness for my mistakes, for the exposure, but I feel obliged to come publicly to reaffirm that. If a private matter has become public, the apology must be made public. I can’t imagine myself without you. I don’t know if we’re going to work, but today I’m sure I want to try”.

The cheating rumors surfaced when influencer Fernanda Campos said she had a quick relationship with Neymar. Reinforcing the idea that the statement was true, journalist Erlan Bastos published that the player’s relationship with Bruna Biancardi was open, that both had an agreement in which the athlete would have romance with other people. However, the model, upon learning of the note, stated that nothing that had been published was true.

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