Everton loses two more points in the Premier League for violating financial rules

Evertou was again punished with the loss of two points in the Premier League, for a new violation of the English league’s profitability and sustainability rules.¬†

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This is the second punishment imposed by an independent Premier League commission on the Liverpool club, which now has an eight-point deduction in the table.

In November, in the first trial for breach of financial fair play, Evertou lost ten points, generating many protests from fans against the Premier League Рon that occasion, a banner was even displayed by a plane calling the Premier League corrupt. 

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At the end of February, the club appealed against the decision and managed to revert the punishment to six points. With the two points now lost, the team has dropped one place in the Premier League standings, and now has 27 points, in 16th place, just two points and two places above the relegation zone.

In January, the club was again reported for violating the league’s financial rules.

“During a three-day hearing last month, the independent panel heard evidence and arguments from the club regarding a range of potential mitigating factors for the admitted ¬£16.6 million breach, including the impact of his two successive charges. Having done this, the commission determined that the appropriate sanction would be the deduction of two points, with immediate effect. The independent commission reaffirmed the principle that any violation of financial rules is significant and justifies, indeed demands, a sporting sanction”, says in a statement the independent Premier League commission responsible for the punishment.

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