Bradley Wiggins reveals he was abused by a coach for three years

The athlete says that other professionals have also reported the same experience

Bradley Wiggins reported that he currently has no interest in cycling due to past trauma. (Photo: Instagram)

In an interview for Fearne Cotton’s “Happy Place” podcast, Bradley Wiggins recalled his positive and negative moments during professional cycling, told about his personal life, future goals and for the first time, spoke about the abuse he suffered since he was 11 years old by a trainer.

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“This happened over a period of three years. I don’t remember how many times this happened. We’re talking minor incidents to borderline rape, physical abuse, whatever term you want to use. I was having to relive some of the small incidents that happened to me with this coach for the campaign”, said the cyclist about the difficulty of positioning himself with the “Listen Up, Speak Up” campaign that he participated in.

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When talking to his audience about the event, the cyclist reports that other professionals came to him to tell him that they had gone through the same situation: “My biggest shame was that another man had done this to me. I couldn’t understand the abnormality of it – particularly at 13 years old. This is trauma. From that moment on, I pretended nothing happened and dedicated my life to cycling as a distraction.”

Bradley Wiggins reported that he currently has no interest in cycling due to past trauma: “Now I pay no interest in cycling – I couldn’t care less. I don’t watch cycling anymore and I have no interest. Filled a huge void in my life with the goal of being close to my dad. People say it’s a shame I lost the love of cycling, but I never fell in love with it – it was like a religion”.

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