Formula 1 studies expanding number of races for next year

In this way there will be 24 competitions

“In Europe I hope to see races where a rotation system can be applied”. (Photo: Pixabay)

Last Wednesday (28), during the Beyond the Grid podcast, Formula 1 director Stefano Domenicali stated that he intends to increase the competition calendar with a greater number of tracks and races, and this measure could be applied next year.

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“In Europe I hope to see races where a rotation system can be applied. There are already conversations with some of them, and this is something that we will formally clarify over the next two years. Historic races will always be part of the calendar, but there is a need for some of them to recognize the changes they will have to make to their infrastructure,” said Formula 1 director Stefano Domenicali.

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The Italian went on to explain that this year, Formula 1 intended to break the record of 24 races, however, as the races in China and Emila Romagna did not happen, the goal remained for the following year. “I would say it’s the right balance between the complexity of the logistics and the people who are working. I would say that this is the number we should aim for, to be stable for a long time”, said the director.

The businessman stated that Formula 1 aims to follow the desires of spectators: “Fans are coming more and more with different needs, and if you don’t give them what they deserve, it’s not historic anymore, is it?”. Stefano Domenicali reported that the experience of competitions in Belgium provided the opportunity for something new for followers.

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