NBA approves Charlotte Hornets sale for millions

Michael Jordan had control of the team

According to the report released by Adrian Wojnarowski, of ESPN, last Friday (21), the sale of Michael Jordan’s team, Charlotte Hornets, was approved by the board of governors of the NBA for the equivalent of $ 3 billion dollars. Now, the team will be managed by a group led by Rick Schnall and Gabe Plotkin.

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The team’s new coordinator, Rick Schnall, is known for already having several ventures such as Equity Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, in New York, as well as being part of a group also responsible for the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks, in 2015, for US$ 850 million.

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As recently as the last few months, Michael Jordan has agreed to sell his majority share of the Charlotte Hornets, however he will still be involved in the organization. In 2009, the athlete had the power to buy a stake and became the governor and main face of the team. Ten years later, the American conquered the rest of the franchise.

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