Drivers needed medical assistance after the Qatar Grand Prix

This Sunday (8), occurred the Qatar Grand Prix in the Losail International Circuit, and according to the drivers the conditions were “too extreme”.

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Several drivers needed medical attention for dehydration or heat exhaustion after the race, due to the high temperatures in the circuit. Alpine driver Esteban Ocon said he had vomited in his helmet, while still in the race.

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Willians driver Logan Sargeant had to retire from the race after not coping with the heat conditions. The team posted an update after, saying that Sargeant was “cleared by the medical team on-site after suffering from intense dehydration during the race (having been) weakened by having flu-like symptoms earlier in the week”.

Sargeant’s teammate Alexander Albon was taken to the medical center due to acute heat exposure after the end of the race, and was also released by the medical team. Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll and Haas driver Kevin Magnussen struggled to get out of their cars, and Stroll went straight to the ambulance to be treated for dehydration.

Mercedes driver George Russel said “I felt ill during this race. It was insane how hot it was. It was like you were inside an oven”. Oscar Piastri (McLaren) and Max Verstappen (Red Bull) entered the “Cool-Down Room” (where the podium finishers wait after a race) and sat/lay down on the floor to cool down their bodies. Verstappen said that “these kinds of temperatures are just too extreme”. 

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