Lewis Hamilton says more cars should be checked after races

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton says that more cars should be checked after races.

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Hamilton’s speech came after he got disqualified from the US Grand Prix, due to excessive wear on his car’s skid blocks. He lost his second place in Austin, Texas. Talking about the subject ahead of this weekend’s (29) Mexico City Grand Prix, Hamilton says that he believes other cars would have been caught if checked.

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“What’s crazy is they only tested four cars, 50% failed. And I’ve had information from many others that were also illegal but they got away with it. That’s messed up.” said Hamilton. Besides his car, only Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, McLaren’s Lando Norris and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc were checked for floor legality last Sunday (22).

Only Hamilton and Leclerc got disqualified, for the same technical infringement. Norris believes that if one car from a team was illegal, the other one has a chance to be too.  “I would love it if they had checked more cars. It can always bite you. They checked mine first. It’s more [across] teams. It’s unlikely two [cars in one team] are that different. If one car is illegal then there’s a high chance the other car is.” Carlos Sainz’s Ferrari and George Russell’s Mercedes cars were not checked.  

Hamilton said that “There needs to be some form of better structure to make sure it is fair and even across the board”. The FIA, governing body, said in a statement on Thursday (26) that there was not time to check all cars for every possible rule infringement in the time available. 

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