FIFA denies immediate adoption of the blue card in football: “Premature”

FIFA issued a statement on Thursday (8) regarding the news that a blue card would soon be introduced in professional football. According to the statement from football’s highest governing body, saying this would be “incorrect and premature”.

++ Blue cards will be introduced in professional football

“Any testing, if implemented, must be limited in a responsible manner to lower levels, a position FIFA intends to reiterate when this item is discussed with the IFAB on March 1,” FIFA explained.

It is worth remembering that according to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”, a blue card could be introduced in professional football to punish unsportsmanlike moves within games.

++ Nigeria and Ivory Coast win and reach the final of the African Cup of Nations

Also according to the press vehicle, this news would be announced this Friday (9) by the International Football Association Board (Ifab), the entity responsible for the sport’s rules.

As a result, a blue card would result in players being removed from the field for ten minutes if they practiced a simulation, anti-game fouls or showed disrespect towards a referee.

If the player receives two blue cards, or one yellow and one blue, he would immediately receive a red card and be expelled from the match.

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