Nick Marsman fired from Inter Miami over Lionel Messi comment

The goalkeeper's speech did not resonate positively

Last Monday (07), according to the newspaper “The Sun”, the goalkeeper of Inter Miami, Nick Marsman, was fired for a comment made in the middle of an interview for ESPN, in which he referred to how it would be the organization of the team with the new signing of Lionel Messi.

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“Personally, I think the club is not ready for Messi. We have a temporary stadium, people can enter the pitch, we go to the stadium without any security. I hope he comes, but they are not prepared”, said Nick Marsan, in the interview for ESPN, released in June.

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However, the goalkeeper’s comment did not sit well with David Beckham, who owns the Major League Soccer franchise. After the decision of the former player and current businessman, the athlete received the severance pay and did not comment on last week’s event.

The location mentioned above by Nick Marsman, refers to the Inter Miami Stadium which currently has a capacity of 18 thousand spectators, however, the amount will increase to 25 thousand when the new stadium named “Miami Freedom Park” is ready, with forecast for 2025.

With his debut against Orlando City, in the Leagues Cup, last week, Lionel Messi showed an excellent first game scoring goals and good assists. In addition, he achieved the milestone of three consecutive victories, all in the same tournament, with strong teams from the United States and Mexico.

Recently, a publication by Lionel Messi was shared on social networks, returning by plane in economy class, it went viral on the internet and generated several memes for the player. Now, Inter Miami will play next Friday (11) against Charlotte FC, in the quarterfinals of the Leagues Cup.

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