Clause determines that Piqué’s girlfriend has no contact with her children

The measure was added to the divorce paperwork

Last Thursday (17), according to information released by the website “La Nación”, Shakira would have added a clause in the divorce request that prohibits and determines that Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend, Clara Chía, did not have the children of the former couple, Milan and Sasha.

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The news also revealed that the children will live with Shakira, in Miami, and that Gerard Piqué will be able to meet them every ten days, and on vacation for Milan and Sasha, the player will be able to spend more time with them. However, if the former athlete wants to travel or is more in touch with the children, he will have to be alone and will have to give up staying with Clara Chía.

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Previously, according to the Spanish TV program “El Programa de Ana Rosa”, Gerard Piqué would have invited Clara Chía to live in his old house, where he lived while he was married to Shakira. Previously, the couple was together in a small apartment of the player in the center of Barcelona.

The old house is located in Cambrils, in one of the noblest areas of Spain, in addition to being safe and reserved. The television program also stated that the player and the singer lived there when the artist was pregnant with her first child, Milan, who is now 10 years old.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira were married for 12 years, however, in the last years of their relationship, rumors began to emerge that the player was cheating on the singer with his current girlfriend, Clara Chía. After confirmation, the two filed for divorce and made the separation official.

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