Premier League has the closest title race in the last 10 years

Liverpool, 63 points. Manchester City, 62. And Arsenal, 61. This season’s Premier League is the one with the fiercest fight for the title in the last 10 years, after 27 rounds completed. 

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Only two points separate leader, vice-leader and third place — which separated themselves from the rest of the competition.

With this, the beginning of the year indicates that the three will fight for the title until the end. In 2024, leader Liverpool won 21 of 24 points played in the English Championship. City, 22 of 24. And Arsenal won all seven games.

Thus, together, the three teams achieved 186 points in the competition, up to the 27th round. It is the second highest number in Premier League history. It only lost to the 2018/19 season, when Liverpool (66), Manchester City (65) and Tottenham (60) had 191 points at this point in the race.

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It is worth remembering that there have only been four editions of the Premier League with 20 teams in which the top three were separated by less than two points, after 27 games or more: 1998/99, 2001/02, 2009/2010 and 2013/14 . This is according to a survey by Opta, a company specializing in statistics.

In other words, since May 2014, almost a decade ago, the English Championship has not seen such a small difference between first and third place in the table.

Liverpool, Manchester City and Arsenal have the same number of wins (19), but the championship leader has lost less. Mikel Arteta’s team has the best attack, with 68 goals scored, and the best defense, with 23 conceded. City have been unbeaten for the longest time: 12 rounds.

If they maintain the same points pace, Arsenal will reach the end of the 2023/24 Premier League with 86 points, a record for third place. That score would be enough to be champion in seven of the 20-team league’s 28 seasons.

According to a survey by Opta, it is unlikely that the dispute will continue like this until the end. To date, there has not been a season in the history of the Premier League in which three teams could be champions in the last round.

The last time this happened in the English Championship was in 1971/72, before the Premier League era. Leeds, Derby County and Liverpool were separated by just one point, with one round remaining. Derby beat Liverpool in the final game and took the title.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the game between Liverpool and Manchester City this Sunday, we will have on March 31st, therefore after the FIFA date, the clash between City and Arsenal.

Furthermore, Arsenal, in fact, is the team of these three that will face the most opponents from the bottom half of the table (five out of 11). City, in turn, are the ones who will play most away from home (six of 11 rounds). Everyone will close this edition of the league playing at home.

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