LeBron James’ son returns to college basketball

Reports claim cause of crash in July

Last Monday (28), through social networks, Bronny James returned to the sports world of his school, University of Southern California (USC) after having suffered, last month, an accident followed by cardiac arrest during a match of basketball. The incident led to the player being hospitalized.

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According to reports released by the LeBron James Family Foundation and NBC Sports, the cause of the player’s accident is related to a congenital heart defect in which they are very common, relatively mild and treatable. The report states that Bronny James is seeking treatment and is in stable condition.

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“Following a comprehensive baseline evaluation at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center led by Dr. Merije Chukumerije and follow-up evaluations at the Mayo Clinic led by Dr. Michael J. Ackerman and at Atlantic Health/Morristown Medical Center led by Dr. Matthew W. Martinez, the likely cause of Mr. James’ sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) has been identified. This is an anatomically and functionally significant congenital heart defect that can and will be treated,” the statement said.

Throughout his career in basketball, Bronny James has been seen as a promise to professional sports since, next year, he will be available for the 2024 Draft. an unprecedented and special NBA fact.

In a simulation of the next season’s Draft, released by ESPN last year, Bronny James settled in 17th position and would be quoted for the Georgia team, Atlanta Hawks. With the news, the eldest son was one of the reasons for the celebration of Lebron James and his family on social networks.

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