Kyle Rudolph announces retirement after 12 seasons in the NFL

The athlete will be a commentator at Peacock

Last Monday (03), through social networks and an interview with journalist Peter King of the NBC newspaper, Kyle Rudolph revealed that he decided to retire after 12 seasons in the National Football League. The player said he considered closing new deals with other teams, however, he decided to stay closer to his family and four young children.

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In a statement on social media about retirement, the player revealed that even ceasing to be active in training camps, he would still remain close to professional sports as he will now work as an analyst for the Big Ten conference of College Football on the Peacock platform.

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“I played for a long time and gained veteran status. Now I’m a newbie, getting as many reps as I can in the media world. This off-season is about ‘where do I fit in?’ NBC’s job making games at Peacock is cool. And talking about NFL stories of the day on Sunday nights will be cool too”, said the athlete.

According to information released by NFL journalist Jordan Schultz, Kyle Rudolph will be retired as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, in which he played for a long period. Additionally, he will receive a team honor in the game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

In his career, the athlete demonstrated an excellent course with several victories, 47 touchdowns, appearances on renowned teams such as the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and was nominated twice for the Pro Bowl.

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