Goalkeeper suspended in Spain for fight with racist fans

After fighting with fans who chanted racist chants, goalkeeper Sarr, from Rayo Majadahonda, in Spain’s third division, was suspended for two games. 

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The Spanish sports court also ruled that his team lost 3-0 to Sestao River. After the incident, the goalkeeper was sent off and the Majadahonda squad refused to return to the field.

The sports court opted to punish the goalkeeper for “a minor infraction in an unsportsmanlike attitude”. Majadahonda will also pay a fine of 3 thousand euros. 

Sestao, the home team in the suspended match, was fined six thousand euros and will remain behind closed doors for the next two games.

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With this, the court accuses the home team of not complying with protocol in incidents of this type. The goalkeeper was punished for not informing the referee of the insults he was subjected to, reacting in a manner “outside specific legal channels”.

Spain’s sports court also rejected Sestao’s accusations that the goalkeeper acted violently with the intention of attacking the referee. It also did not accept as evidence the videos provided by Rayo Majadahonda, which offered “only partial and therefore biased images” of what happened.

Rayo Majadahonda’s match against Sestao River was suspended 45 minutes into the second half after Sarr’s team refused to return to the field. The stadium’s sound system was activated to warn fans of the local team that they were offending the goalkeeper.

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